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BlazeDS with Remote Objects example

February 1st, 2009

In my previous tutorial on BlazeDS, I went over an example over how to setup remote objects with data push. There are however, a lot of instances where someone just wanted to receive data and they aren’t concerned with it being updated., so it turns more into a ‘client requesting data whenever it wants it’ scenario. This article will not be nearly as indepth as the last blazeDS article, but if you have not setup your environment for BlazeDS before, it will probably be in your best interest to check it out.
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BlazeDS Data push with Remote Objects

January 29th, 2009

Now a days, BlazeDS is a pretty well known framework for retrieving data for a flex application. It has even been integrated into a recently released package of Spring. It is an open source, scaled down version of Life Cycle Data Services. It doesn’t have all the glamor as LCDS, but its still 100% useful in most applications.

One of the great features it has taken from LCDS is the ability to support data push. Namely, data push with remote objects, which is great. No more having the client continuously call the server to see if there is new data to be shown. The server is the one who lets the client knows via an httpchannel. So now not only do you get to not have to keep polling, checking for data, but you also get to have remote objects integrated into your application.
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