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Overlooking autosize in Texture Packer

August 14th, 2011

So I’ve been using TexturePacker recently for my iphone game. It is a great tool and I would recommend it to everyone. However, I did run into an issue.

I took a break from coding my game for about 6 months and recently got back into it. Since then, a new version of texture packer was released. Everything seemed the same, but then I noticed that no matter what I did with anything made with the new version, my app would just crash with a SIGABRT error. No good. The code would work fine with the older spritesheets that was made in the past, but nothing new.

After posting on the cocos2d forums, one of the developers for Texture Packer actually helped me out. It turns out using Autosize will make your textures/spritesheets not be the power of 2, which they all have to be. With this, it will just throw the error and you have no clue why.

Look out for that little error! In Texture Packer, you may be enticed to use it since it cuts down on the size. However, it may throw you into a tailspin. After emailing the developer, I asked why would you have this option and this was his response:

You can enable NPOT (non power of two) for newer devices in the cocos2d settings.
Should work on iPads and iPhone4. I think it’s new in cocos2d 1.x

I guess you can use it, but you just have to be careful in what scenarios you use it in. Also, if you are looking for a tool to help with managing your sprite sheets, I definitely recommend purchasing Texture Packer. There is also an evaluation version you can use to make sure it will do everything you need.

Hope that helps if anyone runs into this problem!

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